A by-law is a municipal law passed under the authority of a Provincial Act. By-laws are the laws that govern Towns, Cities and Villages. By-laws are enacted by Council in order to keep the community safe, ensure compatible property uses, and to keep the Town of Whitby a pleasing place to live and work in. The Office of the Town Clerk maintains on file all of the administrative and regulatory by-laws of the Town of Whitby. Listed below are the most frequently requested by-laws. By-laws accessed from our website are for information only . The by-law documents developed for website presentation are not official versions of the by-laws. In the consolidated version, the document format may be different; plans, pictures, graphics, or text may be missing or altered. The Town of Whitby does not warrant the accuracy of the website version and it may not be used or distributed for commercial purposes. An official version of all by-laws can be obtained from the Office of the Town Clerk.

Common Concerns

Below, please find links which will direct you to more information about the most common by-law enforcement concerns:

By-law Guide for Residents

For a simple guide about the most common Town by-laws that relate to properties and maintenance, please view the By-law Guide for Residents (PDF, 2,117 kB).


By-law Services is responsible for issuing permits for pool enclosures, mobile signs and accessory apartments.  For more information about any of these permits, please use the links below:

Report a Concern

Please note that by-law enforcement is principally undertaken in response to complaints from persons who are directly impacted by a contravention. To file a complaint regarding a possible by-law contravention, please contact By-law Services by email or complete the online complaint form below.

All complaints, including emails, must contain the complainant's name, address and phone number.  Please note that all personal information about complaints is kept confidential.

Vehicle Parking Concerns

For complaints regarding vehicle parking, please contact Parking Services at 905.430.4300 ext. 2292, send an email or complete the form below:

Frequently Requested By-laws

Comprehensive By-law Listing

Name of By-law


Accessory Apartments (6322-10) (PDF, 21 kB)

A by-law requiring the registry of accessoryapartments and setting out minimum standards for accessory apartments.

Adult Magazines and Sale of Videos (PDF, 58 kB) 

A by-law to regulate the sale of adult magazines and adult videos.

Animals - Responsible Pet Ownership (PDF, 254 kB)

A by-law setting standards for the keeping of cats and dogs and responsible pet ownership within the Town.

Animals - Ferrets (keeping of) (PDF, 58 kB) 

A by-law setting standards for the keeping offerrets within the Town.

Animals - Running at Large, Keeping of, Regulating the Keeping of(PDF, 1.0 MB)  

A by-law prohibiting animals from running atlarge within the Town.

Anti-Idling (PDF, 63 kB)  

 A by-law restricting the amount of time that a vehicle operator may idle a vehicle.

Bridge Weight Limit (Bridge no. 14) (PDF, 18 kB)

Bridge Weight Limit (Bridge no. 23 and no. 25) (PDF, 18 kB)  

A by-law to set maximum vehicle weights on bridges within the Town.

Business Licencing (Consolidated Version) (PDF, 709 kB)

A by-law regulating certain types of businesses within the Town including taxicabs, limousines, pawn brokers, second-hand shops, food premises, salvage yards, body-rub parlours, auctioneers and lodging houses.

Cemeteries (PDF, 53 kB)  

A by-law to provide for the maintenance, management, regulation and control of certain cemeteries within the Town.

Crossing of Curbs and Boulevards (PDF, 309 kB)  

A by-law regulating the crossing of curbs, boulevards and sidewalks by construction vehicles.

Culverts (PDF, 175 kB) 

A by-law regulating the construction of culverts on roads and streets within the Town.

Development Charges (PDF, 826 kB)  

A by-law establishing development charges within the Town. 

Encroachments on Highways (PDF, 20 kB) 

A by-law establishing maximum distances that window air-conditioners, eaves, awnings and similar items may project over highways within the Town.

Fees for Services and Activities (PDF, 987 kB)  

A by-law establishing various fees for services and activities undertaken by the Town of Whitby

Fencing (PDF, 404 kB)

Fencing Amendment 1 (PDF, 25 kB)

Fencing Amendment 2 (PDF, 28 kB)

Fencing Amendment 3 (PDF, 435 kB) 

A by-law regulating the maximum height for fences and establishing specific standards for fences surrounding swimming pools.

Fence Cost Sharing (PDF, 60 kB)  

A by-law to provide for the apportionment of costs of property line divisional fences.

Fire Routes (PDF, 448 kB)  

A by-law establishing standards for the creation of fire routes within the Town.

Firearms Discharge (PDF, 375 kB)  

A by-law to regulate the discharge of firearms in certain defined areas of the Town of Whitby.

Fires (PDF, 44 kB)  

A by-law regulating the setting of fires within the Town. 

Fireworks (Sale and Dishcharge Of) (PDF, 87 kB)  

A by-law regulating the sale and discharge of fireworks within the Town.

Fortification (PDF, 196 kB)  

A by-law regulating the fortification of land within the Town.

Littering (PDF, 57 kB)  

A by-law prohibiting littering and illegal dumping within the Town.

Lotteries (PDF, 207 kB)  

A by-law requiring that certain types of lotteries, bingo lotteries and raffles obtain a licence. 

Marinas, Harbours and Ports (PDF, 447 kB)

A by-law governing and regulating the operation of municipally owned, leased and operated recreational mairnas, harbours and ports in the Town.

Motorcycles on Town Property (PDF, 53 kB)  

A by-law regulating and prohibiting the use of motorcycles and pocket bikes on Town property.

Motorized Snow Vehicles (PDF, 57 kB) 

A by-law to regulate the use of motorized snow vehicles on highways, sidewalks and Town property.

Noise (PDF, 195 kB)  

A by-law establishing standards related to the emission of noise at various times of day and night within the Town.

Outdoor Sidewalk Patio Cafes (PDF, 213 kB) 

A by-law to licence, regulate and control outdoor sidewalk patio cafes within the Town. 

Parking - Municipal Parking Lots (PDF, 322 kB)

Parking - Municipal Parking Lots Amendment 1 (PDF, 74 kB)

Parking - Municipal Parking Lots Amendment 2 (PDF, 220 kB)

Parking - Municipal Parking Lots Amendment 3 (PDF, 21 kB) 

A by-law prescribing standards for parking and establishing the parking rates in the Town's municipal parking lots.

Parking - Enforcement on Private Property (PDF, 317 kB)  

A by-law to prohibit parking of vehicles on property without the consent of the property owner/occupant.

Parks (PDF, 346 kB)

Parks - Access to Baycliffe Park (Amending By-law: Parks) (PDF, 11 kB)  

A by-law setting standards for activities within Town parks.

Pre-Consultation (PDF, 118 kB)  

A by-law requiring applicants to consult with the Town of Whitby prior to submitting development applications.

Procedure (PDF, 450 kB)

A by-law to provide rules for governing the order and procedures of the Council of the Town of Whitby.

Property and Boulevard Maintenance (PDF, 127 kB)

A by-law requiring that lands and yards, including the boulevard, be maintained free of long grass and weeds, garbage and debris, and that sidewalks be cleared of ice and snow.

Property Disposal (PDF, 356 kB)  

A by-law establishing procedures for the disposal of surplus real property.

Property Numbering (PDF, 2.41 MB) 

A by-law requiring that properties be identified through address numbers and establishing the minimum size for address numbers.

Property Standards (PDF, 352 kB)

A by-law prescribing minimum maintenance and repair standards for all properties within the Town.

Public Nuisance (PDF,  70 kB)

A by-law to control and abate nuisance behaviour within the Town.

Racing of Motorized Snow Vehicles (PDF, 298 kB) 

A by-law requiring the licensing of motorized snow vehicle races.

Racing of Motorized Vehicles (PDF, 231 kB)  

A by-law prohibiting the racing of motorized vehicles within the Town.

Refreshment Vehicle (PDF, 278 kB)

A by-law to licence Refreshment Vehicles and regulate Refreshment Vehicles within the Town of Whitby.

Replica Firearms (PDF, 61 kB)

A by-law to regulate the sale and possession of replica firearms within the Town.

Road Occupancy and Municipal Access (PDF, 240 kB)

A by-law establishing standards related to road occupancy and municipal access.

Site Alteration (PDF, 88 kB)

A by-law to prohibit or regulate any alteration to the grade (topography) of land and the use of municipal highways through the movement, removal or placement of topsoil, soil or fill.

Signs, Permanent (PDF, 866 kB)

A by-law creating a set of standards and a requirement for permits for permanent signs. 

Signs, Temporary (PDF, 749 kB)

A by-law creating a set of standards and a requirement for permits for temporary signs.

Site Plan Control (PDF, 254 kB)

A by-law to designate the Town of Whitby as a site plan control area.

Smoke Alarms (PDF, 245 kB)

A by-law requiring smoke alarms in dwelling units. 

Smoking in Outdoor Public Places (PDF, 69 kB)

A by-law to regulate smoking in outdoor public places.

Storm Sewer By-law (PDF, 232 kB)

A by-law to prohibit, regulate and control discharges into land drainage works, connections to storm sewers and the sewer system.

Street Vendor (PDF, 56 kB)  

A by-law prohibiting retail sales on roads and streets and on vacant lots. 

Temporary Highway Closing (PDF, 202 kB)  

A by-law regulating the temporary closing of streets and roads for recreational, community or cinematographic purposes.

Towing By-law  (PDF, 196 kB)

A by-law regulating the towing and impounding of vehicles from private property within the Town.

Traffic (PDF, 1.48 MB)

A by-law regulating traffic and vehicle parking within the Town.

Transmission Equipment (PDF, 722 kB)

A by-law to authorize and regulate transmission equipment on highways and in public places.

Tree Cutting (Regional) (PDF, 42 kB)

A Regional by-law prohibiting and regulating the destruction of trees in any woodlands.

Tree Protection (Town) (PDF, 357 kB)

A by-law prohibiting and regulating the destruction of certain trees within the Town.

Vehicle Dimensions and Weight Limits on Highways (PDF, 291 kB)

Vehicle Dimensions and Weight Limits on Highways Amendment (PDF, 69 kB)

A by-law establishing maximum sizes and weight limits for vehicles travelling on highways within the Town.

Waste Management (PDF, 597 kB)

A by-law creating standards for garbage and waste collection within the Town.

Waterfowl (PDF, 53 kB)

A by-law prohibiting the feeding of waterfowl on Town property.

Zoning 2585 (PDF, 14.54 MB)

Zoning 1784 (PDF, 19.16 MB)

Zoning 5581-05 (PDF, 6.10 MB)

By-laws establishing regulations and development standards for various property classes within the Town.